Spend Wellness Allowance on Massage

Invest in your wellbeing by treating yourself to a calming massage with your wellness allowance


Book a massage with your wellness allowance

Invest in your well-being

Use your wellness allowance to prioritise self-care and relaxation through a massage treatment.

Save money

Using your wellness allowance to book a massage can help you save money while still enjoying the benefits of a professional treatment.

Boost your productivity

By taking care of your physical and mental health through massage therapy, you can improve your overall well-being and boost your productivity in the long run

Book a treatment using your wellness allowance

Looking to book a wellness massage in Stockholm using your wellness allowance? Look no further than Stockholm Massage. Our expert therapists provide professional treatments that increase muscle tone, mobility, and overall physical health. With our easy online booking system, it’s never been simpler to schedule your appointment. Simply send your receipt to your employer after your treatment and enjoy the benefits of using your wellness allowance to prioritise your well-being. Book with us today!


Wellness massage in Stockholm

You can use your wellness benefits from your employer to book selected massage treatments with us. Our competent team will help you choose the right type of massage treatment for you within the framework of wellness and massage. Massage not only helps the body relax and feel good, but it also has positive effects on the immune system and tension in the body, making it an excellent supplement to exercise or for those with physically demanding or sedentary jobs. Book your treatment online, and payment can be made either online or in our studio. Receive a clip card that is valid for two years and get stamped after each treatment, and a receipt to give to your employer. Please note that bookings are personal and non-transferable.

Good to know

Just as with the voluntary wellness allowance, which each individual employer decides upon, there are no set limits to how much employers can offer their employees in wellness allowances. However, it is important to remind that the wellness allowance is personal and cannot be utilized by anyone other than the employee who books treatments or purchases packages with their wellness allowance. This ensures that the allowance is used in accordance with its purpose to promote health and well-being for the individual employee.

It may be useful to know that the Swedish Tax Agency has established a maximum amount of 5,000 SEK for tax-free wellness benefits. This amount includes VAT and serves as an upper limit for what can be offered tax-free to employees. This limit is intended to guide employers in how they can offer wellness allowances to their employees while complying with tax legislation.

Boost your working life with massage treatments

Experience the benefits of health care and massage for a healthier working life! Taking care of your health is important, whether you have a physically demanding job or an office job that requires long periods of sitting. Many Swedish employers offer a wellness allowance, even called health benefit, or “friskvårdsbidrag” in Swedish to help employees feel better at work. 

At StockholmMassage, we encourage everyone to take advantage of this benefit, whether it’s used for exercise, massage, or other health-promoting activities. Massage has many health benefits, including increased mobility, reduced pain, strengthened immune system, and improved well-being. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest massage research and education to provide the best service if you decide to use your allowance to book our services. 

Join us in creating a better industry and a healthier working life!

It's possible that you are unaware of...

Massage is a wonderful experience, but not everyone realises the many health benefits it can offer. Many people either buy gym memberships or overlook health care benefits because they don’t understand the full range of options available. We believe that more people should take advantage of their health care benefits to enjoy a relaxing massage at our studio.

Aches, cramps, and stiffness are common problems for many workers. Regular massage treatments can prevent these issues from becoming chronic problems. It is essential to indulge in massage therapy with your health care benefits to avoid pain, stress, and tension in your body. With a variety of treatments to choose from, we recommend booking regular, longer massages to give your body ample time to relax. Massage therapy can also help alleviate existing problems, but consistent treatments are the key to feeling your best.

How it works

Employers may provide their employees with a benefit, which can be used to promote better health and prevent illnesses. The allowance can be used for activities such as gym memberships, exercise, massage, or dietary advice, among other things that improve health. It is worth noting that there are specific regulations regarding what activities are eligible for the wellness allowance, and beauty treatments and waxing are typically not included.

Although employers are not legally obligated to provide this allowance, many choose to do so as a tax-free benefit. Regardless of how you choose to use your allowance, it is important to keep receipts and submit them to your employer.

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Looking for a world-class massage experience? Look no further than our wellness massages in Stockholm. Our skilled massage therapists offer a wide range of techniques and will customise your massage to ensure you receive the ultimate relaxation experience. Book your treatment today or opt for one of our treatment packages, all of which are valid for two years.

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